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Why You Should Use a VPN

Why You Should Use a VPN

A good sense of security is something everybody desires. A VPN helps provide that by masking your identity. You can hide your IP, change your location, and bypass country or even school blocks with a VPN. Here is why you should use a VPN.

Hiding from internet trolls

VPNs are particularly useful to hide from internet trolls. Internet trolls love to use IP address loggers. An IP address can spill some information about you. People can use public IP geolocators to figure out what town or city you're in. They can also flood your network with data to make your internet service go out. Aka a DoS attack.

Using a proxy like a VPN, end receivers such as websites no longer can get originator's information. Your IP address is virtually changed. They can only see the IP address of the VPN's server. Therefore, DDoS attacks and location tracking would only be done against the VPN servers rather than yourself. Essentially, your real computer's real identity is shielded with a good VPN.

Protecting yourself from public internet connections

Many stores and other public spaces offer free wifi connection. Public networks can be something like connecting to the public McDonalds or cafe's internet. Connecting to them can open a huge security vulnerability. When internet access is pubic, a hacker can see all moving traffic. To avoid this issue, you will need to encrypt the data you send out. Any good VPN offers this feature. When your data is encrypted, your data looks like garbled nonsense. No one can read it besides those with the encryption key. Well-encrypted content is nearly impossible to crack with modern technology. Once your VPN's server receives the encrypted content, they decrypt it so the end target can understand the request.

Location changing

Most modern VPNs offer a location changing feature. You would choose from any offered location on a VPN's integrated map and your internet requests will appear to be served from there. This is especially useful when dodging location bans on websites.

Best commercial VPN

The only two commercial VPNs I can recommend is ExpressVPN and NordVPN. They both advertise a strict no-logs policy to promise your privacy. They utilize encryption and hide your identity well to a certain degree.

Keep in mind that using a commercial VPN is putting your internet traffic at their mercy. Using a VPN service is not for everyone whos major concern is privacy. Creating a VPN is ultimately the best solution, but I know that route is too inconvenient for most.


A VPN can protect you from your IP address from being leaked, thus prevention of your general location from being found and your internet service going down. It can also hide your data from network requests on a public internet connection.