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How to learn to code

How to learn to code

Learning how to code is a great skill to have in the modern-day. You can automate your everyday tasks or make an entire career out of it. The great thing is you don't need a university, college, or a trade school. You can learn right from the comfort of your home. I, the writer, started to learn how to code at the age of 13. I'm not talking about that boring Scratch drag and drop coding.

Getting a visual concept

To get a visual concept of how coding works, you can check out Scratch. They offer simple tutorials for drag and drop coding. It isn't anything like what you'd use in the real world. It is just to get a visual concept of loops, if statements, variables, and structured thinking. I've never gone this route, but I've seen it help others. You can learn all of the same concepts when jumping straight into text-based coding.

Getting started with a book

Going to school, I'm sure you're familiar with educating yourself with books. Textbooks. They're effective. There are many out there for learning how to code. You'll need to decide on what specifically you want to code for though. To begin with, I'd recommend you learn how to make a website. I've checked out this book set and it is awesome. Its reputation, reviews, and publishing in stores all over the place speak for itself.

Getting started with videos

We have a YouTube channel that we'd love for you to check out!

Coding primarily with Javascript. Let’s use Node.js to program software and websites! I’m a full-stack web developer. I really love the backend, especially t...

The channel is dedicated to all things computer-related development, including coding. Of course, we are far from the only option. There are tons of video sources out there. YouTube, Udemy, and Skillshare all have free educational communities dedicated to coding. If you want to learn how to code in Javascript for example, just go to the website and use their search bar. The videos with the highest views are often very reliable. They're great for you visual learners, but videos usually miss out on many details since they're often too much to cover. Look for text-based sources whenever possible. Official documentation. Videos should only ever be supplemental to your journey.

Interactive tutorials

I learned how to make websites using Codecademy. I recommend it to almost everyone I talk to who wants to learn how to code. They offer so much more than just website coding tutorials. If you're already an experienced coder, they're a great supplemental resource too. I've been coding for years, but just for fun, I decided to review one of my stronger known coding languages. I ended up learning about new code to use.

Learn to Code - for Free | Codecademy
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Study resources are everywhere! There are free YouTube videos, books, and interactive guides. You don't need school to become competent. Even a young teenager can learn right from home.

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