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Roblox's Filtering Enabled Explained

While exploiting a Roblox game, have you ever tried deleting a wall, but your friends can’t see it disappeared? Have you ever tried killing a player just to see that they don’t actually die? This is due to a feature called, “Filtering enabled.”

Filtering enabled is an anti-exploit feature. If filtering is enabled, changes made to your device doesn’t translate to changes on the server, thus doesn't show on another user’s computer. This isn’t all too terrible though, it is still possible to cheat with immense power. Some cheats are actually still visible to others even with filtering enabled.

Other players can not see changes to the game itself. If you change the game, its only changed for you. This is because filtering enabled works as the game implies. It is a filter. If you change the game, filtering enabled will block this request from being shown to other users as it is a not an authorized request. Changes can usually only be done through a middle man, which Roblox calls a “remote.” Basically, you can’t just do something, you must ask the server to do something through the remote. When the remote receives the request, it will execute as the game developer has programmed it. Be careful though as the developer may have added some checks. If an impossible request was made, such as changing your car speed to one million, that could be obvious cheats.

Even though other players may not see game changes, other players can still see some changes. Like changing your walkspeed. When you set your speed to something really fast, your movement really is changed. This is something that is always sent to the server and replicated to other players of the game. They can see that you’re moving fast. This is the same idea when deleting a wall and walking through it. If you delete a wall, only you can see that the wall is deleted. Obviously, with no wall there, you can walk right through. Other players can see this because again, your movement is almost always replicated to other players.

Filtering is almost always enabled, but there are a few games where its disabled. Some game developers may be new to scripting in Lua, so they may not have learned about filtering enabled yet. In games like this, you can use a Lua executor to abuse the game. Killing everyone, kicking everyone, and deleting every instant of the game is possible with filtering disabled. Good luck finding games like this though. They’re rare these days and are actually only able to join these games in specific conditions.

Long story short, filtering enabled filters out client made changes, thus prevents game changes from replicating to other devices.