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What is Synapse Xen?

NOTE: The Synapse Xen service is discontinued as of June 25, 2020, but scripts still exist which use it's obfuscation. This article was written prior to the discontinuation.

Synapse is well known in the Roblox exploiting community. It is a powerful Lua executor. Now another name is going viral, Synapse Xen. Exploits are boasting that they support it and it is used heavily as YouTube clickbait. Well done to the creator, 3dsboy08, for making two successful projects. So, what is Synapse Xen and why would you want it?

Synapse Xen isn’t an upgraded version of Synapse, it’s actually a different product. It is a Lua obfuscator. In simple terms, it converts Lua scripts to spammy and unreadable nonsense. For example, it would convert something as simple “print(‘Hello world!’)” to the code in the following image.

Synapse Xen Example

That image was originally the “print(‘Hello world!’)” script. The image isn’t even a tenth of the full code. I would say that it does its job well with making code hard to read, aka obfuscated.

My code has been stolen plenty of times. A few edits here and there… Change the name… Suddenly someone has made an exploit very similar to mine. I’ve had nothing to stop people from stealing my scripts. I’m not the only one with this problem. There are tons of other developers out there struggling with their code being stolen and edited. One wall for defense is obfuscating the code. Turning the code into some nonsense like the image above makes it really difficult to edit. A thief would need to reverse engineer every little bit until it’s been translated back to the original code. This could take the thief really long, possibly hours. They probably wouldn’t bother since it would take a while. Another benefit is it would stop many inexperienced developers from being able to try. Reverse engineering code isn’t a skill that every developer has, let alone well skilled. You’ll want to be a well skilled reverse engineer to get through Synapse Xen.

You get access to Synapse Xen if you own a copy of Synapse X. To start obfuscating a script, you’d need to message their Discord bot saying, “!obfuscate.”

Hopefully, now you know that Synapse Xen is a product that makes code harder to read. It is one of your options to use if you need to protect a Lua script from the public.