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Removing the Nanocore RAT

The Nanocore remote access trojan is a very common piece of malware. Just from running an executable file, you could have unknowingly installed software to let someone take full control of your computer. Data collection through keyloggers, cookie grabbers, and plain watching your screen is made easily possible. Here's how you can remove it using an easy tool.

Emsisoft is software that you can run to scan your device for malware. It works just as any other anti-virus, except Emsisoft has been proven to catch files infected with the Nanocore RAT. Downloadable here. Again, it works like other anti-malware programs, so it may incorrectly flag some software. The false flagging issue is popular with exploits as explained on this blog post.

Emsisoft can be ran on every modern Windows PC, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. Not only is it usable on a broad range of operating systems, you can also use it in a 100% portable form factor. It can be downloaded as an executable file and be placed on a USB storage drive. This makes it easy to help a friend out.

WeAreDevs is not the only voucher for it’s effectiveness. Emsisoft is used by the famous online virus checker, VirusTotal. Emsisoft is liked by CNET and is recommended by PCMag. Three positively reputable companies giving a good word in for Emsisoft.