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What is an Aimbot?

Aimbotting provided a huge unfair advantage. I’m sure almost everyone who actually plays online shooter games has heard, “aimbot.” Maybe you’ve heard it from Apex Legends or Fortnite players claiming every better enemy to be aimbotting. If you some how still don’t know what it is, let me help you.

Aimbots are usually a program which automatically aim for you. They typically snap to an enemy player’s head and traces it perfectly. This is little to no work for the player. They just need to hold the aim button down and shoot. Again, these are all shots to the head. It could be just one second and the enemy is downed. To make it worse, some aimbots come with triggerbots which automatically shoot at an aimed enemy. All in all, it would take very little skill to win a match. Have fun fighting an aimbotting cheater who has decent game sense.

Aimbots work by collecting the positions of all players relative to the client. Whether or not a player is visible, positions are collected. Math is then done accordingly to shift your mouse cursor toward an enemy. Additional math is typically done to select only the closest enemy.

Aimbotters are thought to be pretty easy to spot. Getting 12 consecutive headshot kills in 2 minutes is very unlikely, especially with 100% accuracy. Maybe when spectating or watching your death cam, you’ll see their aim perfectly followed you even though you weren’t visible behind a wall. These are poorly coded bots which can get the aimbotter easily banned.

There are ways to make kills seem realistic. An aimbot could be programmed to miss just enough shots, but still get the kill. An aimbot could also be programmed to target random parts of the hitbox, but again, enough damage for a kill. An aimbot may have rays which determine whether or not someone is behind a wall; if they aren’t behind a wall, then the aimbot may disable itself until the enemy is possible to shoot. Those factors can make it difficult to determine if someone is aimbotting or is a really good player.

There are no universal aimbot programs. They’re typically programmed per game. Aimbots can be programmed to work for a library of games, but not every single game out there.

This is just one of the many shooter cheats out there. It provides the ability to snap to any enemy and lazer them with projectiles, killing them almost instantly.